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Annalice Sibley

Annalice is our Founder, a Counsellor/12 Step Therapist and Founder of Women Only Facebook Recovery Group with nearly 2,000 members and growing daily.  The group was set up on International Women Day 2013 in memory of a close female friend who died from addiction.​

I have extensive experience in the substance misuse field both in the community and prisons I am a qualified trainer with a vast amount of experience facilitating and setting up mutual aid groups. I have a degree in Counselling studying CBT a the Core Model. I am DID qualified working with Trauma and Disassociation  with a Diploma in NLP. I am a 12 Step Therapist/Smart Recovery Facilitator  with training in The Rewind Technique - Trauma and Phobias.

Fraser Trevor

Over 35 years of working in the addiction and mental health field for major Service Providers. HMPS , residential half way houses. Hold three degrees two in higher Education Science from Teesside University. Founder of the Ten Stage Recovery Model and Rebelle  Recovery for Women.Rebel Stage Therapy Model: Trauma, Dissociation and Recovery, Healing the Brain.Has worked in Spain and Portugal as a founder of a rehabilitation fellowship with over 285,000 members.DID certificated. Currently researching and working on Dissociation Addiction Disorders.


recent programs

Rebelle Recovery  Wednesday 6,30pm-8.30pm
Women Only Ten Stage Taught Course
Tuesday 12.00pm-3.00pm Mixed 12 Step Rolling Programme Thursday 4pm-5pm For Women by a Women/12 Step Therapist

mission & vision

No need is too small and no voice is too quiet to be heard. We will devote the time and energy  
necessary to empower educate and advocate


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TRAC offers taught courses/rolling programmes at the St Mary’s Centre in Middlesbrough.

An Advocate is someone who will support you, listen to you and can speak for you in times of need. At times people with addictions may feel vulnerable and need support in getting their voice heard.If you feel no-one is listening to what you want or how you feel about a particular situation , an Advocate may be the answer. 
We encourage people to express their views about their health and treatment and to let those in power know what is important to them.

Kevin M Hunt

Kevin has worked in the field of addiction since 2000 initially as a 12 step rehab counsellor. He moved into criminal justice and was instrumental in the implementation of Arrest Referral, and then onto leading the set-up of the successful DIP in Middlesbrough. In 2005 he was seconded to the Home Office as part of the “Tough Choices” national implementation team.  taking up the post of South West Area Manager of services for Addiction. On returning north he was involved in setting up one of the National Alcohol Arrest Referral pilot schemes.  Dec 2011 when he took up the post of the Lead Therapist  setting up  Recovery Academy Durham and HMP Durham recovery I Wing, before moving into consultancy in 2015.

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